The Property Market On The Costa Del Sol

When is the right time to buy, invest in or sell property on the Costa Del Sol?
In 2015 we visited the coast as a freelance program maker and interviewed several estate agents about the situation on the Costa Del Sol at the time and asked for their predictions for the next couple of years.
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With BREXIT on the horizon..

When viewing a property market from afar you have to rely on media article you think are from respectable sources and that the information is not being twisted or swayed to influence decisions. Sometime it gets really difficult to gauge what is really happening so in 2015 we visited the Costa del Sol and met with estate agents across the region to garner their thoughts on the market at the time and their predictions for the future.

This was of course before the “BREXIT” scenario loomed upon us, so the comments made by agentts reflect what was know before BREXIT.

This is a short series of interviews and a final full program covering the visit.

At some point in time we are keen to do an update to this program and short series of clips to reflect what is happening now and possibly after BREXIT, would you be interested?


We have many people asking us to do an update to this program – for they – like we were are in the dark and reliant on information that has a bias when reading the papers in the UK, or looking at web sites run by businesses selling property here in Spain.

Peopl in other countries want to know more about the state of the market in Spain and how to deal with matters in the correct fashion – buying, selling, the legals, taxes etc but there are few sources prepared to engage with the market in an informative way.

Some video ideas for Estate Agents
–   Regional descriptions
–   Market updates (talking to camera)
–   Video tours
–   Video testimonials from clients who’ve just bought or sold
–   Video from associated businesses, constructors, legal, financial etc…

The Property Market On The Costa del Sol 2015

Estate Agents Who Contributed Who We Thank Immensely

All the agents contributing did so on a voluntary basis. As a freelance project – none of the agents received payment of any kind for their contribution. All the agents who took part in the production of the full program were given their own component part of the program content as a file to keep. All music for use in the project was licensed by Video Productions.

Diane LeClere – Max Estates

Victoria Lewis – Future Homes

Engel & Volkers Marbella

Tine Hagemeister – International Marbella

Charles Gubbins – Noll & Partners

Michael Lane – Michael Lane Associates

Trevor Johnson – De Costa Properties

John Holloway – VIVA Homes Under The Sun

Karsten Hammershoy – VIVA Homes Under The Sun

Contributing Estate Agents

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