Wedding Videos Coming Soon

Very soon we will be offering a Wedding Video capture service using the latest in camera technology and editing suites. Enjoy our template page for the time being.

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A Video Productions PSEUDO TOUR


A PSEUDO TOUR  works 24 hours a day the world over


When time or monetary constraints won’t allow for a site visit to film a property, PSEUDO tours come into their own. Taking an agents high quality still images we can make a video tour of the property to include a voice over and licensed background music.

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PSEUDO TOURS achive a very similar finish to full film videos without the need for a second or multiple visits when an agent or owner already has visual content and a description to work from. They can cover any type of property from a bungalow to commercial premises.


1.  Any type of property

2.  Any location

3.  Clients logo & Branding

4.  Music

5.  Voice Over

The property industry & video.

Without video the industry would grind to a walking pace.

Get things started!

Whatever you want from a video, talking it over will help identify all the what, where, who, how and when questions so let’s get  talking…

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